Tracking & monitoring:

This website does not require any tracking or monitoring cookies.

The website(s) may require add-ons or other 3rd party software to run smoothly but your details and specifications of the PC, Phone or other device using this site are not taken.

Secure Connection (http/https):

This site, depending on the build and progress, might have or not have the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

If you do connect and it says this site is unsafe, this is due to the site not being encrypted.

As there is are no payment details taken via any method besides in person, the site can be uncrypted.

Website Content Usage


All images on this site are open source and have no copy rights over them.

Your data:

The Mendy Man and any of its forms for this company does not share any information of any type, regardless of its data input or source.

The online request form directly sends the information inserted to a private email address.

Most Information does not get stored for long term purposes, the information will be deleted when the job has been closed down and nothing is outstanding.

There are documents stored with customers names, address and the descriptions of the work stored. This information is stored in a safe manor but no severe information like banking is stored.

Uncommon Appliance Brands

There are brands out there that are not common in the UK or they copy a foreign manufacture, this may make it harder to locate and get parts for some repairs.

Damages and Removal

Kick strips, Limited machine access or any other restrictions causing machine removal harder than normal (EG, Small cupboard or the machine has clutter all around it).

With tight or hard to remove kick strips, if there is any chance of knowing prior to the strip snapping or being damage prior to removal, I will inform the customer and take the appropriate action from that point.

If the work has to cease due to not being able to get any parts off or due to not getting access around the appliance, depending on what the holdup is and time permitting, I will wait until it is cleared.

Kick strips or cupboard fittings: I do not want any risk of damage by myself to any part of the kitchen or work area but the full call out will be issued to the customer.

Depending on what has been agreed about the job in hand, if the customer does not want me to proceed with the repair due to being unable to remove something that is stopping me carrying out the repair, the customer will have arrange alternative methods to get the problem sorted before I can return.

When the cause is cleared, I will return when it has been rebooked in and then the work will continue as required.

On the unlikely event something is broken on an appliance (EG Leg), when the call has been repaired or the call is going to be completed, the part in question and only the required part(s) will be replaced for free.


Calls may be rebooked or cancelled due to weather conditions that either:

Make access via vehicles unsafe or unable to drive (EG: road condition, narrow lanes, hills or other influences);

If parking isn’t available with safe access and there isn’t good sound ground for parking;

Access via walking with tools/other equipment and parts can’t safely be carried to the destination.

Policy updating

These terms and conditions may be updates and changed at any point.